A Mean Marg

A Mean Marg

So here we are with the Holiday weekend upon us! It is the official kick-off to SUMMER and I know just how to get this party started…with one Mean Marg! My official drink of summer (well, truth be told, I love them year round) and I have a pal who makes one for the books. We’ll call them NM’s Mean Margarita…because let me tell you, the way he mixes and serves them up is without a doubt the best I have had…and that’s saying A LOT considering tequila is in my blood being Latina and all!!! Ok hon-ay?- *Latina version of “honey”. So go ahead and mix up a batch and make sure to give a toast to the great summer ahead!

NM’s Mean Margarita:

Fill a tumbler with ice. Squeeze the juice of one lime into a shaker; add an ounce of good tequila (I love Centenario) and a dash of Cointreau. Shake, pour over ice, garnish with a wedge of lime. Skinny version leaves out the Cointreau.


My disclaimer:
If you are under age: Don’t drink, you know better
If you are of age: Drink responsibly, you know better